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Pre-College Summer Programs

World-Class Summer Study Programs with World-Wide Appeal for More Than 20 Years

Summer Study’s pre-college summer programs offer unique summer opportunities, which combine stimulating academics with unforgettable sports, recreational, social and/or cultural activities. We are extremely proud that more high school students attend Summer Study programs as compared to any other summer enrichment program of its kind. Join us at one of these spectacular locations for one of our pre-college programs... Penn State University, Colorado State University, Fordham University in New York City and The Sorbonne in Paris, France. Read on to find out why our pre-college summer programs are such a success!

Leading College Credit, Pre-College Enrichment and Study Abroad Programs
Pre-College Summer Programs at Prestigious Universities

From our non-credit summer enrichment programs to our college credit pre-college summer programs for high school students to our French immersion study abroad programs in Paris, we are prepared to take you on the most exciting and educationally rewarding summer of your life! Summer Study's action-packed pre-college summer programs offer students:

  • Exciting classes
  • Exhilarating nightlife
  • Valuable SAT/ACT Prep Courses
  • New friends from all over the world
  • Incredible sports and athletic programs
  • Fantastic weekend trips
  • Cultural and language immersion experiences
  • Intensive workshops
  • Exclusive "real life" internships
  • Exceptional opportunities to earn college credits
  • Activities, activities, activities!

Pre-College Summer Programs At Prestigious Universities

Visit the pages below to learn more about our pre-college summer programs and how you can experience A SUMMER LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

Penn State Summer Programs | Summer Study

Penn State University  - Choose from 3 different pre-college summer programs at Penn State University. These summer study programs include: a 5-week enrichment program, 3½-week enrichment program and 2-week intensive workshop programs.

Colorado State University Summer Programs | Colorado State Summer Courses | Summer Study

Colorado State University - offers challenging pre-college summer programs including high-interest summer enrichment classes at Colorado State University while traveling to exciting and breathtaking locations throughout the state. Our summer study programs allow you the choice of either our 4-week, 3-week or 2-week summer enrichment program.

Pre College Summer Programs | Fordham, University in New York City | Summer Study

Fordham University - Our exceptional Summer Study in NYC programs provide students the incredible opportunity to experience college life in New York City. Students may join us for a 3-week residential program or on a daily basis for our 3-week, non-residential program. Either way, it's the greatest pre-college summer program experience in the greatest city in the world!    

Pre College Summer Programs | The Sorbonne in Paris, France | Summer Study

The Sorbonne in Paris, France - Summer Study's pre-college summer programs in Paris give students the opportunity to study at the prestigious La Sorbonne while enjoying the sights and sounds of Paris. Choose either our 5-week college credit program, 5-week enrichment program or 3-week enrichment program.