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Type of Class

 Program Length

College Credit French Language Courses5 weeks
Enrichment Classes/Workshops5 weeks or 3 weeks


Study Abroad Summer Programs for High School Students at La Sorbonne



Study French Abroad: College Credit French Courses

Beginning French: Learn French in France through different activities where students learn to master elementary conversational and written communication, and practices basic linguistic structures and tenses. Good pronunciation is stressed to establish a firm foundation for further study of language. NOTE: This class is for students who have taken no French or 1 year or less of high school French.


Intermediate French: This course involves an active review of complex sentence structure and all verb tenses in order to improve written and oral skills. Emphasis is on both reading and writing as well as comprehension of spoken French. Students engage in discussion and composition based on magazine articles. Cultural outings provide a direct experience within this French environment. NOTE: This advanced class is for students who have completed 2 or more years of high school French.


Advanced French: This course is a continuation of Low Intermediate French. Please see paragraph above. NOTE: This class is for the best of our applicants who have completed at least 3 years of high school French.


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Study French Abroad with Enrichment Classes/Workshops

(classes below are all taught in English except for the Conversational French classes)

Architecture: Paris offers some of the best-known architecture in the world. This course allows study abroad summer program high school students to follow the city's development from Roman times to the present and teaches the general vocabulary of architecture. Discussions include elementary concepts of urban planning, aesthetics, structure and design. Major monuments, pivotal points of urban history and domestic architecture in Paris will be studied in class.


Art History: Paris is home to the greatest museums the world has to offer. After all, the city itself is a work of art! This class will provide you with a broad overview of the major periods in art history (Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionist and Modern) and the influence that French artists had on those periods. We will concentrate on painting and sculpture and will visit the city's great museums for guided tours and self-exploration. Come home with a familiarity of the works of DaVinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Delacroix, Monet, Rodin, Picasso and others!


Beginning Conversational French: An introduction to French with an emphasis on acquiring a basic level of proficiency in the language and understanding of the culture of France and the Francophone world. Speaking French from day one, students work with dialogues, vocabulary and grammar exercises devoted to French language and culture. NOTE: This class is for students who have taken no French or one year or less of French in high school.

Elementary Conversational French*: Students will review grammar points learned in beginning French and study more complex grammatical structures. This course is designed to improve: listening comprehension, through class discussion; speaking proficiency, through exercises on vocabulary and pronunciation; reading comprehension, through analysis of cultural readings; and writing ability through constant practice. NOTE: This class is designed for students who have taken 1-2 years of high school French.

Intermediate Conversational French*: Students will review grammar points learned in beginning and elementary French. Practice with the four skills: reading, writing, understanding, and speaking. Cultural outings will provide great practice of these skills. Also, an introduction to literary analysis of French stories and poems. NOTE: This class is for students who have completed 2 or more years of high school French.

Advanced Conversational French*: This course is a continuation of Intermediate Conversational French. Please see paragraph above. NOTE: This class is for the best of our applicants who have completed at least three years of high school French.

* NOTE: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced levels of French are all available as a single period or an intensive double-period class during our study abroad summer programs for high school students.



Contemporary Global Issues: Exposes students to a broad range of contemporary issues: wars and regional conflicts, nuclear and conventional weapons proliferation, North-South disputes, regionalism and integration, gender issues, ecological destruction, etc. It will also examine the nature of national diplomacy and international institutions (UN, NATO, IMF, etc.) used in the effort to resolve these issues.


Creative & College Essay Writing: Finally, a class where your mind has to wander! Inspired by entertaining and constructive writing exercises, you will work on establishing a distinct style, unique characters and sensible plot. You’ll explore the creative styles of known authors, playwrights and poets. Students examine in depth strategies and techniques used by accomplished writers to create total effects for their readers. Finally, all students will complete a college essay for evaluation and critique by the instructor. This class is workshop-style, and has a great “hands-on” approach to writing.


Drawing in Paris: This class offers the opportunity for students of all abilities to develop their drawing skills while exploring this beautiful city. Skills and techniques will be practiced both in the classroom and on-site. Each class session concentrates on specific graphic elements such as form, composition, line, value and perspective, providing the beginner with the basic tools needed for personal expression. More advanced students are encouraged to develop their own styles and to review drawing concepts. NOTE: Students are responsible for materials, which can be bought locally in Paris.


Fashion…The Trendsetters: Explore the latest trends of the fashion industry through this informal approach to fashion and design. Visits are made to museums, exhibitions, and the areas of Paris where the industry thrives today. Topics include ‘Textiles, Dress and Value’, ‘Dress and Identity’ and ‘Designers and Clients’. You will compare and contrast the different styles and designers that achieve fashion status in France. Increase your awareness of this exciting industry.


Film Studies: This course serves as an introduction and analysis of both American and European film. Students will study the language, structure and history of the cinema. Discussions include the similarities and differences of various European cultures and the contributions they have made to modern day film. Once students have learned some of the basics, the class will explore film criticism and the impact film has on our society.


History of Paris: Take a deeper look at the city you are visiting. This course offers a cultural history of Paris by considering distinctive periods of the city’s development. While lectures present a selected, chronological overview of the city’s history, visits of chosen sites, monumental buildings or particular urban districts focus on historical artifacts of the city’s transformations and of its link to earlier ages. You will discover how Paris had become one of the world’s greatest cultural centers.


Intercultural Communications: This course examines how culturally conditioned behavior affects relations between groups. It introduces techniques of ethnological research and observation and encourages students to examine issues such as identity formation, perception of time, space and the body, as well as non-verbal communication. In addition, students are introduced to the major traditions of the world and their worldviews.


International Business: This course introduces students to current issues in international business by focusing on economics, cultural, political and organizational issues raised by the operations of multinational corporations. The course explores, through open discussions and lecture, what it takes to be successful in the global marketplace. It examines multinational company’s motivations for international expansion and choices of entering foreign markets.


Paris Through Digital Photography: Learn how to shoot better pictures in the country where photography was invented. Explore digital camera use and functions, cropping, lighting, and flash. Learn how to download photos to your computer, back up your images, create slideshows and photo collages, adjust coloration, e-mail and print photos, and have fun while doing it! Students will practice their learned skills while exploring the picturesque city. Class assignments are designed to explore Paris as well as discover an essential visual medium. With Paris as a magnificent backdrop and faces in your program from around the world, your photo memories will last a lifetime. Students must bring a digital camera with necessary connection cables. Minor supplemental costs for printing.



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